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Professional Pharmacy Fitouts
Hang Ups
  • Saves 25% of Retrieval Time
  • Helps Eliminate Errors
  • Clean and Safe Method of Dispensing
  • Suitable for Prescription Dispensing and Storing and Packing Drugs for 7-day UnitDose & 7-day MultiDose for PersoPal and DisposalPak Medication Management Systems
  • Proven Successful in Chain Drug Stores and Pharmacies in USA and Canada

For customer pickup, HangUp Bags are quickly scanned, and the correct one is retrieved. The Rx is then removed from the HangUp Bag, reviewed with the customer. As soon as the customer has completed their purchase the HangUp Bags can be reused. If you are using HangUp Bags the patients medication can be permanently store in HangUp Bags prior to weekly or monthly dose packaging. Itís as easy as 1, 2, 3...

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